A combination of tradition and innovation that creates quality.

RIZZETTO COMFORTABLE was founded in 1996 to design and manufacture upholstered furniture, made entirely in Italy with clean-cut modern lines.
Synergy between tradition and innovation produces top quality models featuring not only important craftsmanship of bespoke items, but also careful research into new generation concept-design.
Each collection is produced in-house by hard-working craftsmen and we take painstaking care of the materials and finishes for each single product.

The main objective of RIZZETTO is to concentrate its experience and abilities at all stages of the work process for the purpose of achieving the right balance between trend and comfort in creating sophisticated decors.
Our company also houses a large showroom which you are welcome to visit in order to see for yourselves the quality of our models of living room suites, convertible beds, beds and armchairs.

At the base of RIZZETTO’s corporate philosophy lies constant improvement in the aesthetic and functional values of its products to provide our customers with crafted items that have an excellent quality:price ratio.


Rizzetto stands for entrepreneurial enthusiasm and technical abilities

Business acumen and technical ability allow us to cultivate the growth of our relationships with customers, who can take advantage of the broad range of services that distinguish RIZZETTO, including:
- At the customer’s request fabrics can be prewashed before they are used in production.
- Certain models with suitable characteristics can be made to measure.
- Provision of a second set of covers, even after some time from making the initial covers.
- Creation of fully removable covers for quick easy cleaning.
- We guarantee rapid effective execution of orders to meet all needs.


The shape of substance

To achieve success with its living room suites RIZZETTO does not limit itself to considering its furniture just part of a decor – a living room suite is much more than a simple object… it is by definition a unique area for conversation, rest and relaxation in the home.

Form must necessarily go with substance, which is realized in our analyses and application of research, to protect not only our health but also the environment around us by using selected materials that comply with current legislation.

For each model the most suitable and hard-wearing materials are carefully selected to exalt good looks and their duration.

For this reason it is essential to invest energy and resources in repaying the trust of those who renew their custom by continuing to choose RIZZETTO furniture.